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Jypsy Jeyfree the polymath storyteller represents the harmony between a renaissance woman , bohemian spirit , freedom fighter and walking ART. Her goal is to Invoke the spiritual emotion through her perpetual hunger for an Avant-Garde lifestyle. She is a artistic maverick in her own rights.

When it comes to Jypsy Jeyfree -- the Musical performer, you are in for a RAW and theatrical ride. She expresses herself through performance ART -- filled with face masks galore, unimaginable props and raging messages of empowerment.

"Jyspy Jeyfree, whose malleable voice is capable of just about any style, leads the way energetically, with the outfits and choreography to match" - NPR MUSIC.


"The NY artist has an unusual voice that swirls like smoke, coyly rising and falling. - INDIESHUFFLE